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Custom Coffee Roasting

Basic Options

1st Origin

2nd Origin

You can specify an exact weight, in any units you prefer. Other values are automatically updated.

Bag Type
1-way Valve Bags keep coffee fresh longer, Kraft Paper Bags are less expensive and suitable if consuming within a week.
1-way Valve Bag [+$0.30]
Kraft Paper Bag

Bag Size
Larger bags means lower costs.
0.5 lb / 8 oz / 226 grams [+15%]
1.0 lb / 16 oz / 454 grams [+10%]
2.2 lb / 32 oz / 1000 grams [+5%]
5.0 lb / 80 oz / 2270 grams

Based on your origin, weight and bag type. Automatically updated when values are changed.



Advanced Options

Roaster Temp
Temperature of the air blowing over the beans

350 degrees

Bean Temp
Stop roasting when beans hit this temperature. Cannot exceed Roaster Temp.

345 degrees
Medium roast

Estimated Time
How long we estimate it will take for the beans to hit the Bean Temperature above, using the Roaster Temperature above


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Send a video of my coffee being roasted

Add 4-oz sample for me to share with friends/family

Your Blend

Brands lock you into overpaying for their blends, which normally are made from single origins that cost a fraction of what they charge. Discover your true coffee taste profile with us.

Private Label

Dream of owning your own coffee roasting business? We let you create your own blends, private label for you and keep your blends secret. Already a coffee shop or retail store? Promote your own business with your own branded products.

Get Started

Try some of our highest reviewed recipes, or build your own from scratch.

No Upfront Equipment Investment

Roasting at home can be fun, but overwhelming at times, with high up front costs. Gain access to our equipment to custom roast your own coffee while gaining experience before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on hobbyist equipment.

Did you know: operating a roaster puts you at risk of lung damage due to obliterative bronchitis according to recent reports.


Why do you charge extra for 1-way valve bags?
Not everyone needs their coffee stored in 1-way valve bags. Customers who order weekly or for a special event don't need long-term storage. Valve bags are more expensive than kraft bags and building this into the price would artificially inflate costs for those who don't need it.

I'm a coffee grower/importer, how do I get my coffee added?
Send us an email! We're always happy to bring on new, unique coffees.

I want to duplicate my favourite blend from company X, how can I find out what's in it?
Roasters make their living off forming "proprietary" blends and keeping it from you, so that you're stuck paying their exaggerated prices. While their blend is often refined and finessed, it's usually not worth the markup they add to it. There's no way to exactly duplicate the flavor if they're buying direct or have exclusive agreements, but you can create a very close approximation using similar single origins and roast levels. We'll work out a flavor and roast guide. Best of all, once you know what raw ingredients you like, you can refine to your specific tastes at a fraction of the cost!